We use the best quality equipment and parts on the market, adapted to your needs.

boiler rental thermo energie

Mobile unit and rental boiler

For your temporary needs, take advantage of our rental service!

Thermo-Énergie offers mobile boilers and boiler rental. We can even rent systems heating troubleshooting mounted on a trailer or container!

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chaufferie reconditionnée

Boilers reconditioned

Our team refurbishes your boiler rooms with new replacement parts.

Whether it is for container refurbishment, mechanical redesign or even replacement of parts, we have all the necessary parts for its operations.

installation thermo energie

Sale, repair and installation of pressure vessels

We design with you a solid maintenance and upkeep plan for your equipment, to ensure that it remains in perfect working order, as well as your compliance.

pièces chaudière vapeur

Replacement parts

Thermo-Energie offers a complete range of parts and components for thermal power plants.

  • Burner parts
  • Ignition transformer
  • Safety valve
  • Thermometer
  • Manometer
  • Gasket
  • Kettle linings

We work on all types of boilers and burners!


I have a leaky boiler, can you come fix it for me?

Absolutely, we have a team of Boilermakers available at all times to come and help you. 24/7 emergency service boilermakers available.

I need to rent a mobile boiler room, do you offer a turnkey service with MMF?

Yes, we have all the trades to provide all related services. (MMF, chemicals, installers, etc.)

Do you have an engineering department ?

Indeed, we have several engineers on our team.
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